Going with the flow, or being lazy?

The first leap into the unknown was quitting a job after day one. The job itself would have served to build the narrative of working toward keeping myself in Los Angeles. The pay was lower than the job before and the amount of work was several times more. The hustle would've been real. I went home the first day and really considered the value of staying.

There had been a plan to move up the street to a one bedroom apartment in the heart of Hollywood. Moving would've represented a step forward since it had been a little over two years living in a studio apartment. There was a reasonable desire to move into the next logical step. Part of that desire was getting involved with work that challenged my work ethic; and created the image of coming home to something that had been hard-earned. The job didn't feel right though. So I quit.

The banner which paraded every decision after that was, "Whatever the next step is will either come to me or out of me." That began the habit of paying attention to intuition. For a couple months attention turned inward. There was a lot of contemplation on Eastern concepts as offered by people like Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle. Long story short, I ended up staying with friends and family, sleeping on the street and floating through the most magical time of my life so far.

The peak experience resulted from a leap of faith. Someone once said, "Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later." That's the difference between going with the flow and being lazy.

In laziness you're avoiding the task at hand. Attention gets involved with anything other than the moment. In going with the flow you're jumping headfirst into the wave of the moment without a plan. Trust fall.

Intuition becomes critical in this kind of narrative because it's the foundation of every decision. There is an availability to trust more deeply in what's happening and so every decision becomes an opportunity to trust.

There are a variety of ways to inspire a sense of trust, but what I like most is that we're on a planet. The planet is so named because we named it, which means, we're only on a planet because we say we are. It could be anything. We could be anything! The possibility of experience extending beyond concepts is what gives me trust.

Another fun perspective to play with is that this is all a movie and I'm simply a character waiting for my next line or action. That's a version of going with the flow.

It feels right to simply wait without expectation. Attention immediately goes into the present moment because that's where I'm at. Instead of trying to write a story about what's happening, there's simply an acceptance of what is. That's not to say there aren't desires to move in a certain direction. My persistent desire to be in Los Angeles for example, but that's also part of the flow.

Flow doesn't need to be logical. It doesn't need to be anything actually. Going with the flow is simply going with what there is and embracing it as all there is, including laziness. Each step is directed by intuitive guidance which doesn't seem to fall out of harmony with everything else and it's pure magic.