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I'm going to Electric Daisy Carnival, again

There's usually a lot of hesitation involved with sharing what the story has been over the last few years. Part of that hesitation is that it doesn't feel like me. A very faint part of myself is what clings to that story. The rest of what comes up just kind of vanishes, meaning there's no place to stick a flag and declare being finished. That was said a lot in an attempt to describe the shifty nature of spiritual awakening. Yet as life continues to be what it is, the story of spiritual awakening sits further and further in the back.

However, this is worth spilling some words over.

My brother dropped me off at the airport to catch my flight to LA. We did the normal thing, hugging and saying brotherly goodbyes and he wished me well with, "have fun at your festival." I'd spent some time after my first EDC back on the east coast in Philadelphia, and we had a chance to talk. It was obvious how amazing the experience at EDC had been and how much it changed my life because it was all I talked about. That and being a wizard.

I laughed, "Oh, I don't think I'll be going to that this year." He smirked, "Yeah, okay."

Three months later, to the day, I'll be heading to EDC.

It was tough making the decision to come to Los Angeles, because I really had no plan or vision or anything. There was simply a strong desire, like a homing signal as one friend puts it, compelling me to be here. I was confused. The first few weeks were riddled with, "Why am I here?" Even considered going to a psychic.

The signs couldn't be ignored though. It wasn't only the signs, highlighting key decisions at times, joking at other times, but also the synchronistic flow of events. To call it "Divine Timing" almost cheapens what the experience is like, but that's what it is. It feels like guidance, as if someone is behind you with their hand gently on your shoulder and are moving you effortlessly through a crowd. It's comforting, because even though you may be staggering, you feel this presence with you to carry the weight of having to figure out the next step.

Even though there are no plans, there's so much support. I feel very safe. There's a guy they call Mooji who says something like, "it feels like you're sitting in the lap of God." I don't want to talk about it too much, because talking about it takes away from simply being in it. I want to be in a position where I'm so dissolved in That, that my words are His words, my actions His actions. It feels like, for whatever reason, getting involved with EDC and the culture of peace, love, unity and respect is purposeful in continuing that dissolution. Maybe it isn't.

Maybe I'm supposed to simply have a good time and enjoy life in every moment. Either way, I'm grateful.