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My Guru

A project which has been a long time coming, something that my entire twenties were geared toward, is Brian Lathai.

I wanted to create a brand from the ground up that featured a personality, but a personality that wasn't necessarily me. A character, essentially. Stephen Colbert is a great example, except where his message revolves around politics, mine would revolve around spirituality. It's not simple commentary though.

One of those most fulfilling experiences of my career has been to work with kids as an assistant youth pastor. I looked at the Sunday School model and knew that for me growing up, it wasn't very effective. Staring at poorly drawn images of Jesus on cheap comic book paper while an old lady doused in perfume spent more time berating us for behavior was what Sunday School. I wanted to create something different.

The model that was developed was to use personal experience as a way to demonstrate God's love. I encouraged my staff to be open about their struggles and talk about ways they saw God working in their lives. As a result, we created a brand new ministry from the ground up which grew to over 300 students. Not all of them showed up at once, thankfully, but overtime we built a family that was different than anything seen in the church. Personal experience works.

Over the last few years I've come to a place of personal freedom. It's not a freedom that's owned, but one that's recognized every day and I feel it's my purpose to share what that's like. Brian Lathai is a vehicle for sharing freedom.

This feels...good, and that's why I'm doing it. I've learned to follow what feels good. I'm excited to keep this blog going as a way to discuss what it's like on this end of things. That's to say, this blog will remain personal, while Brian Lathai, and everything published under that brand, will remain impersonal. In effect, Brian is my guru.